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Commercial Litigation

If you run a small or medium-sized business, a lawsuit is probably the last thing that you want. Legal disputes can cost thousands of dollars, put your reputation in jeopardy and shift your focus away from satisfying your customers. In a worst-case scenario, a commercial lawsuit can sink your business. What can a well-meaning business owner do? Don’t worry- The Worthy Law Group can help.

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Intellectual Property

Protecting your ideas, your reputation, and your original work is a must in today’s digital age, and defending yourself from infringement is just as important. That’s why The Worthy Law Group specializes in intellectual property litigation for Utah-based clients and others. Kevin R. Worthy is an attorney with knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you safeguard your important company assets.

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Real Estate

Real estate (also called real property) can present a wide variety of legal issues to wade through. At The Worthy Law Group, we can help you with all kinds of disputes in this field, whether you’re an owner, developer, construction company, landlord or tenant. Kevin R. Worthy works with both companies and individuals on a regular basis and he has experience with a variety of real property related conflicts.

WHY Worthy Law?

Are you looking to avoid a costly lawsuit? Have you been sued and need help defending yourself? Have you been wronged and need help securing justice? Whether your case involves contracts, real estate, intellectual property or other matters, The Worthy Law Group is a Utah law firm that you can trust.

The Worthy Law Group offers quality civil litigation and dispute resolution services at competitive prices. The firm’s principal attorney, Kevin R. Worthy, helps both companies and individuals and can assist with commercial, real estate, intellectual property and other types of disputes. Mr. Worthy balances excellence and dedication to his services with efficiency and concern for all of his clients.

The Worthy Law Group’s specialties include:

  • Business litigation – contracts, misrepresentations, fiduciary duties
  • Intellectual property litigation – trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition
  • Real property litigation – construction projects, lease agreements, landlord-tenants disputes
  • Negotiation and alternative dispute resolution
  • Contract negotiations
  • Contract review and drafting
  • Outside general counsel services

Litigation is risky, and throwing money at the problem does not guarantee success. In fact, it can sometimes make your problem a lot worse. And while no lawyer can guarantee you a result in any dispute, The Worthy Law Group can assure that you will get honest service, competitive prices, and legal excellence. Kevin R. Worthy knows litigation and knows how to resolve business and personal disputes with professional expertise and care.

If you believe that your business, property, finances, and reputation are worth fighting for, please contact The Worthy Law Group at 801-990-5090 for a free consultation.


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